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Bad Girls Finish First
Pub Date : April 4, 2006
Imprint : Dafina
Format : Trade Paperback



This juicy follow-up to Shelia Dansby Harvey's compelling novel, Illegal Affairs, brings back the ultimate bad girl herself: Raven Holloway. With law school behind her, the sexy, sinful seductress has graduated to bigger.and badder.things?

Raven Holloway has gone from heartbreaker and havoc wreaker to bona fide homewrecker. No sooner did she extract herself from a messy, not to mention illegal ?osituation? at school, than she managed to steal a Texas Senator from his devoted wife. But she's not finished yet. As wife number two, Raven has now convinced her new husband to run for governor.which will make her Texas's First Lady. Raven has always been about getting what Raven wants, no matter who she has to step on, sleep with, or double cross. In this case, her chain of fools includes an influential newspaper editor, a wealthy white socialite, a powerful reverend, and the senator's very own chief aide.a man with something to hide and a loose-lipped psychiatrist.

Soon enough, Raven is blazing a trail to political success strewn with seductions, betrayals, and bribes. By her standards, the future looks bright.except for the troubling matter of her past. Raven's greatest fear is that her involvement in the unfortunate fate of her fellow student, ex-lover and partner-in-crime, Omar Faxton, will be discovered. And she's right to worry, because her dirty little secret is about to fall into the worst possible hands. When the tables are turned, will Raven land on her feet yet again?or is this bad girl's run of good luck about to come to a very messy end?


Pub Date : Jan-05
Imprint : Dafina
Format : Trade Paperback



In the heart of Texas, Monroe University Law School's newest recruits have it all, and at the moment, life is sweet. But in Shelia Dansby Harvey's sexy, explosive novel, sweet can turn bitter fast...

Callie Stephens has felt lost ever since her father's mysterious death. Beautiful, independent, and kind.yet fiery and passionate when it counts.a new career track, a new best friend, and a new love are finally filling the void in her heart and soul. But sharp as she is, Callie still has plenty to learn...

A smart, successful seductress, Raven Holloway has 'othat intangible thang? that everyone in town has noticed.including a very powerful, very married, Texas senator. Raven's used to doing whatever is necessary to get what she wants'"but this time, she may be going too far...

Former pro football player Omar Faxton has turned aspiring lawyer.and ' freeloading womanizer. Then he meets Callie. Now he's torn between two lovers: his real-life woman, and the insatiable greed that has fueled every relationship he's ever had.including the one Callie doesn't know about?

Tall, dark, and intense, Keith Dawson is trying to put his life back together after some serious screw-ups that cost him his family, and his self-respect. But when he finds himself irresistibly attracted to his friend Omar's girl, he wonders if he's just rotten to the core. It's going to take an agonizing personal.and professional.trial to prove to him that even good men can make mistakes.

As a white student at Monroe, Bret Milstead is in the minority for the first time.and it's a whole different kind of education. When he finds himself falling for a black classmate, Brett will have to choose between a path paved by convention.and ignorance.and the uncharted territory dictated by love?

Praise For Illegal Affairs

“An exciting debut.”—Kimberla Lawson Roby

“Sexy and sassy…a can’t miss tale.”—Victor McGlothin, author of Every Sistah Wants It

“A compelling and page-turning novel.”—The R.A.W.SISTAZ Reviewers

“Hot romance and spicy intrigue.”—William July, author of Hidden Lover




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