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The sexy, mis-matched duo of Omar and Raven is back, and working together on a criminal case. Problem is, Omar’s still dead-set on revenge against Raven—and getting a little sookie, sookie on the side. This time, who comes out on top?

"A compelling, laugh out loud page-turner."
-- Lois E. Pettis

"A delightful and engrossing read."
-- People Who Love Good Books, Online Reviewer

"Aww Sookie Sookie is filled with scandalous characters and damsels in distress. A great read that will have you clamoring for more and trying to guess who-dun-it!"
--APOOO BookClub, Online Reviewer

Book Cover


Raven and Senator Joseph take their relationship and his political career to another level. But when Omar’s name pops up, is this bad girl’s run of good luck about to come to a very messy end?

"I have enjoyed Ms. Harvey's work since day one, and this book kept me on my toes with key punches."
-- Book Talk Book Club, Online Reviewer

"If you are not familiar with Raven, then you should become acquainted with her. This book was even better than the first book. I can not wait to see what the final book of Raven has in store for us. This book was worth the wait."
-- S. Rudolph, Online Reviewer

"I liked the political angle (something different) and I really liked the way Grace, the senator's first wife, came out of her shell. All in all, a very satisfying read."
--ReaderWoman, Online Reviewer



Callie’s best friend in law school, Raven Holloway, is sexy, smart, great fun to hang out with and a good listener. Raven sounds perfect, right? Wrong. More like too good to be true . . .  .

The following excerpt from Illegal Affairs shows Raven at her finest.

"Illegal Affairs is a compelling and page turning novel that had this reader shaking her head wondering why. This is a very good mystery novel that leads to a follow up that I anxiously await"
-- The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

"It has it all--intrigue, betrayal,foul-play, sex and friendship."
-- Janet (Amazon.com Reviewer)

"I highly recommend this sexy, intelligent, suspenseful story.
--Charles Drayden (Amazon.com reviewer)





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